Sunday, December 9, 2012

The Three Main Stages in Filmproduktion

Filmproduktion, which is also known as filmmaking, is processes by which films are made. These films are produced depending on the target audience. The designer/producer must have in mind the target audience, because the target audience must find the film attractive. The filmmaking takes places all over the world and in different setting. Some people would produce a film to reflect an historical event. Others do it for commercial purposes. Somebody would produce a film for commentary, and so on. This is why the consumer of the film comes in first. This helps to determine what is important, what is necessary, and what is useful.
The production of a film is preceded by the development phase. The development is the very initial stage, where the idea to come up with the film is born. The idea is born from a story. There is always a story to tell and this story starts at the development phase. The idea is scrutinized and reviewed over and over again, until there is a clear direction on the way to go. The producer then comes up with the theme of the very story, also known as the underlying message. The story is then broke down into scenes. Each scene in one paragraph and the scenes are written on a step outline.  The writer then produces the treatment, which is a description of the story. The story is described in from of diagrams and figures. The entire story may occupy up to 30 pages in the treatment. In fact, the treatment has very little dialogue and stage direction. It is intended to point out key issues to the technical team.  The treatment, also known as the film pitch, is prepared by the producer assisted by the screenwriter. The screen writer then writes a screenplay from the available information.  The documents thus far produced are used to present a case to prospective financiers. The financiers use these documents to see the quality of message in the film and the objective of the story.

When the financiers agree to sponsor the filmmaking, the production can start and the three main stages are Pre-production, production, and post-production.
The Pre-production is the first stage in production of a film. The stage involves the preparation for the shooting of the film. The first thing that happens at this stage is planning. The team plans on how to carry the production task. Other activities include; recruitment of the casts and crew. The cast and film crew are selected and recruited. The casts and crew selected must be stars/professionals in their area of operation. The organization chart as well as the organizational structure is developed. The team identifies the shooting locations and offices are established.
During the production, the shooting of the film is done. The shooting is done everyday. The film director must have schedule of the daily activities. This is the main stage in Filmproduktion and is very hectic.
The finished film is edited during the post-Production stage, which is the last stage. All the features of the film; film, production sound music tracks, songs, sound effects, computer-graphic, and sound elements are edited. The film is then released.

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