Sunday, December 9, 2012

3D Animation Serves a Lot of Purpose

All of us, when we were kids, were so fascinated with various animated movie. I would always spend a lot of time infront of the television watching different animated movies. There were times when I was so interested on drawing the movies and wondering how I could make it move like in the various films I see many artists who would die to have their works being animated. If you are someone who is very much interested in working in 3D animation then let me give you some ideas on how it is going to be.
You might have been dreaming all along to work with Disney. It is quite a very good thing to work with Disney, well, good thing is an understatement. However, this is not impossible. Many of those people who work in Disney actually started young with Disney. When you work with such prestigious company, you wouldn’t be just be working. You are just actually making your talent develop and furthermore, actually making a good earning out of it. 
People who pursue in this career mostly have a degree in the said field. Education, they say, is very important and at whatever age you might be, you would be able to get a good start with  your dream job if you have a college degree. There are also classes and workshops that would give you different lessons when it comes to animating certain things. You would be trained on how to create up to rendering. You would know the different kind of workstations and software that are needed to come up with a good reel.
What is really great about studying animation is that, you have a lot of fields to start out with. 3D animation is just about everywhere now. It isn’t just a hit  in the movie industries. It isn’t only the kids who enjoyed Madagascar, Finding Nemo, etc but also the adults. It just shows how much entertainment one  would have through it. The gaming industry relies so much on 3D now. Forget about Tetris and Pac-Man, now you could have your own realistic game such as Second Life, Sims, Hopeless and  a  lot more. This industry has totally gone overboard because it isn’t anymore about entertainment but now it definitely hold its part in the field of education.
Much of the lessons nowadays, especially in the Medical Department, would require 3D in order to make the students understand and grasp more about the human body. Workshops which involve a human body would need to have such animation so that a realistic illusion is catered into the minds of the attendees. 
These are just several reasons why you should rather pursue your dream. Make sure that you get to read a lot of information about it. Try to figure out which software is best for you and make sure that you find out about the different workstation as well for rendering your images. The internet will give you everything you might need for your animation.

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