Sunday, December 9, 2012

What are Online Prepaid Phone Cards

The improvements in information, communication and technology are effectively enhancing telecommunication systems. After the introduction of cellular phone, the improvements have gone further to bring on board phone cards. The most commonly used card today is the Online Prepaid phone card, a card used to enhance the user make phone. With this card, it is now possible to make phone calls without having cash money at hand. The card came to replace the coin calls (made using coin booths) and overcome their limitations.  The cards make the users forget about using coins when making calls. Using these cards, it is possible to make phone call on any phone. They are not phone dependent. The users pay for use of the card service in advance

Different cards from the same supplier or manufacturer come in different denominations (amount). The user would then purchase the card with the desired denomination, which determines the call time from the card. The calls are charged at a certain rate-per-time interval. The time interval may be minute or second. The user of the card service purchases telephone time in advance. During the use, the user is able to establish the remaining amount for use in the card. The user enjoys the telephone services until all the amount in the card is completely exhausted, after which no more phone services are available when using this card. This service is very convenient to the user and is commonly use where the caller is making regular long distance calls.
The Online Prepaid phone cards are made by service provider, who distributes them to the reseller. The service provider provides an online facility which allows user access to the call services and the remote location of the service provider. The service provider has a computer, which calculates the time spent in call and corresponding charges. The computer maintains the remaining balance. It also used to provide user support help to the caller. The help includes; information on remaining balance, troubleshooting, any user request. Most of these help instructions are prerecorded in the computer.
The phone card has information such as; the pin number, service providers’ help line, instructions on how to use the card, and access number. Some card are rechargeable (refillable) and other are not. A rechargeable card allows the user to recharge any time. On acquiring this type of card, the user registers the phone number with the service provider, making the phone a permanent Identification of this user on the card. In addition, the user is issued with the card PIN number. This card does not have any expiry date, making it reusable. It allows for transfer of balance between the phone card and another refillable card or a saving account. A Non-refillable card is usable only when it has balance on it and its expiry date is not exceeded. When the balance is completely used, the card is no longer usable. This card has an expiry date and once the date is exceeded, the card become obsolete and can not be renewed.

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