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Rendering has its applications in 3D movies, video games, TV visual effects and Architecture. Rendering actually is producing an image from given details or a model to produce a raster or a digital image. It is mostly used to give the user 3D visualization of the object. Shading, reflection, diffraction, transparency, motion blur etc are some of the important features of rendering.

Render farm

Render farm is high performance computer system that gives u hundreds of CPUs to render your animations and still images. Render farm follows the principal of distributed rendering in which different parts of the model are distributed among processors and the process the image individually. It is typically used to produce 3D effect in televisions and 3D films. It is made by the collection of computers joined together through LAN working together to give the best images of the models. Images of good quality or 3D images require more power from the CPU. So we need more processors to process the instructions obtained from the model. This in render farm is achieved as it is a combination of computers e.g. Computer cluster.

Need for the use of render farm

With the development of graphics normally television visual effects require 30 minutes to one hour per frame while some scenes may take multiple hours to render. A character in Avengers (a movie) requires 72 hours per frame to render. Such images require render farms as they need a group of computers to work together for the rendering process. Similarly, it can be used by the students or workers to complete their projects which may require some 1000 servers or more servers but they may only afford 100. So, they can complete them by paying to different companies online and can get their job done.
It is also used in CGI (Computer generated imagery) industries and computer modeling. For example, in CAD (computer aided design) in engineering sciences, Architectural rendering, visualizing buildings, landscapes etc.

How does it work?

An animation or the code of all the on information is submitted to the render farm.  The master node queues the frame and evenly distribute it among the cluster of computers. They process it individually and the job of hours is done in few minutes. In short a work which requires more time to be done by a single processor is allowed to be done by different processors in a considerable short time.

How to render?

There are three ways to get your image rendered.
·         To make your own render farm.
·         To buy a ready made render farm from a professional.
·         To pay on websites to get your image rendered by them.
I like the last way as it requires less of my struggle. There are different online websites present that provide you with the rendering facilities. You just need to register there, upload your files, and get your model rendered. Nowadays most of the animated movies are formed by using render farms. Otherwise high graphics may prolong the processing to hours and days.

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