Sunday, December 9, 2012

Top Three Fashion Tips for Women

For a woman, fashion is not just a façade to hide the blues away or a superficial way of attracting members of the opposite sex. Fashion transcends mere choices of clothing and accessories to become a source of confidence and a quick morale boost. Although the clothes you are donning do not define who you are, they speak volumes about your personality and interests. Being fashionable doesn’t necessarily equate to being expensive because with the right style and attitude, you can be quite stellar even with a tight budget. The important thing is that you know what style best matches you. If you would like to indulge your inner fashion diva, here are the top five fashion tips for women who would like to look good and feel good.
Know your body shape
It is a fact that women are not created equal. Women come in various shapes and sizes unlike what the mainstream magazines tend to portray. Even if you are not a size zero just like most of the typical ramp models, you can still make it work and look your best. Knowing your body shape is, perhaps, the most rudimentary step in achieving the perfect blend of comfort and sophistication in fashion. Some women are more pear-shaped while others are more apple-shaped. For every body shape, there is a more suitable style to emphasize your strong features while hiding away the “flaws” that you don’t want others to see. For instance,   the placement of a peplum on your clothing can spell a great fashion disaster or a dream depending on your body type.

Invest in lingerie
If you would like to feel sexy in no time after a tedious and intensely-stressful day at work, putting on perfectly-fitting lingerie will do the trick. Aside from giving you the confidence that you need to be the go-getting woman with her eyes set on the goal, a well-chosen lingerie can also take some pounds off, albeit visually. For the fashionable woman, her closet will never be complete without her a few of these items to help her exude the allure when the situation calls for it.
Get the basics and accessorize
In creating a fashionable look or a ramp-worthy ensemble, it is important that you hone your mixing-and-matching skills. Know which item goes great with what by getting the basic clothing items in your closet. Invest in a great pair of pantsuits, tops, skirts, jackets, denims, and other basics that you can pair up for a fresh look every time. Always remember that getting great quality items that can survive mere fads and trends are more preferable over the one-hit-wonders which will never see another season.
If you would like to upgrade your ensemble pronto, classy accessories can get the job done. From bold and edgy to muted and neutral, build up a collection that can add some flare to your fashion statement. Why settle for just being “okay” when you can take it to the next level. Venture into accessories and find out what difference they can make.

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