Sunday, December 9, 2012


The common sources of energy are becoming scarce by the day and this has led to people looking for alternative sources of energy. Scientists have made studies on the viable sources of energy such as water and wind energy. Solar energy has been considered as it is the easiest to produce and it serves its purpose. The sun is a source of renewable energy and it does not limit as to how much can be produced or can be used. You basically just need a good solar panel.

A lot of power used in many households is got from the various power plants that produce hydro- electricity or geothermal power. The machines, the generators, motors and many others used in these power plants are driven by fossil fuels.  These fossil fuels are soon going to become extinct and are therefore becoming more and more expensive giving rise to big electric bills. In addition to being expensive, these fuels have a negative impact on the environment. They emit some gases which bring about global warming.
With these problems, the use of solar power has become more popular as it is a cheaper method of producing electricity. It is a free source and any one can use it. It is also a clean source of energy and does not degrade the environment. You can install solar panels in your home or office and run your equipment using it.
This source saves a lot especially during the cold seasons when you require warming your house or office. It is a very convenient method as you are responsible for how you utilize your power. It also has a wide range of applications such as lighting, heating and cooling. These appliances that are used to produce these effects are powered by solar energy.
The automobile industry has also made use of this free source of energy. Some designs of cars that are solar powered are available on the market. Automobiles are a major contributor to pollution of the environment due to the gases that they emit. Petrol, diesel and other fuels used in automobiles undergo combustion so that they can produce energy that powers the vehicle. The burning of these fuels results in emission of unburnt gases that are released in air. This leads to degradation of the environment in a major way.
Use of solar energy can also be a source of income for you. Once you install your solar panels, you may produce more than you require and this excess energy can be sold back to the grid.
The initial cost of purchasing the solar panels and installing may be high but the benefits are overriding the initial costs. As seen, solar energy is very important in our daily lives as it makes our lives easier and more comfortable. Climate change is an issue of concern globally. The high levels of carbon dioxide emitted everyday cause reduction of life on the planet. Both plants and animals are affected by the use of thee fossil fuels.
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