Sunday, December 9, 2012

Why keyword Stuffing is a Bad Thing

When people want to attract customers via online marketing tools, one thing that is commonly found in online marketing tips and guidelines is avoid using keyword stuffing. It is important to understand what is keyword stuffing and the hazards associated with using this technique. The method has been a popular strategy for many years but now it has become outdated one. What is keyword stuffing? Whenever people want to look for something or gather information about any topic, they usually use online search engines. On the respective search engine, keyword or phrase is typed and the first results comprise of websites that are believed to be best optimized for that particular keyword or keyword phrase. Most of the people usually seek information from results displayed on first or second pages and don’t move over to other pages. In order to get top ranking on search engines, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy is developed with the aim of identifying and placing relevant keywords that will induce people to visit the respective websites. In order to boost SEO ranking, some websites are stuffed with keywords which is known as keyword stuffing; this technique reduces content quality of websites.
Keyword stuffing has to be avoided as it has the potential of dropping the website’s ranking on search engines. Almost all the top ranked search engines have expressed their stances on SEO which is to have quality rather than quantity. Search engines have been updating their algorithms on an ongoing basis and they have become smarter than before, they hate spam things and keyword stuffing is considered spam and websites that they do this are penalized for it as well. If the keyword density gets above 5%, then it is considered as keyword stuffing and there are more chances that the website is thrust into the danger zone. The website content needs to be unique and articles should be written in natural tone keeping in mind the visitors. People who visit the website will never like it if there is too much stuffing of keywords as it makes the content irrelevant and there is less valuable information available for the visitors.
All those websites that do keyword stuffing have seen their rankings going in downward zone and it quickly drives away the visitors, as they will not read more than two paragraphs that are stuffed with keywords. When the visitors will get irritated and don’t find information to be relevant, they will press click button; it will imply that content is not read by visitor and there will be no comments by them on website. When SEO content is relevant and well-written, people will consider reading the material provided and will trust information accessed. When keyword stuffing is done, it will create lack of authority and people will not trust content provided. Therefore, keyword stuffing has many drawbacks for websites; it should be avoided and webmasters need to make sure that SEO content is relevant and valuable so that visitors are able to enhance their knowledge about the keyword and share the information and page with other people.

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