Sunday, December 9, 2012

How to Become an Artist

Artists are professionals who use their skill to create impressions through drawing. In most cases, this is a very lucrative business venture if your work is impressive. At the same time, one needs input of skill and technique in order to come up with a refined result. This of course comes after you have learnt how to draw people.
In today’s world, impressions of places and portraits are used in houses as display. They are also used during remembrance functions of fallen colleagues. This makes it a perfect gift item that suits people of all walks of life. This is contrary to the popular norm where it is considered traditional. In modern day, people who know how to draw people have online presence through websites and blogs to keep up with the latest trends. One needs talent, drawing skills and creativity in order to maneuver in this field. You also need to consider the following factors in order to succeed as a drawer.


Irrespective on how good you are, you must reach out to the masses who would love to have their portraits done. Also, it’s of great essence to ensure that your assignments are polished so that your existing clients can be satisfied and refer you to their peers, associates and family members.
In most cases, depending on your target market, one should opt for the most effective marketing approach. The most common ones are magazines, television adverts and also displaying your work on busy shopping malls and entertainment joints. The online market has a lot of potential too. This is due to the fact that you will be reaching out to people from all walks of life.


The ability to draw a person comes as a result of refinement of a talent. This therefore requires a lot practice and trials in order to refine and make your work better. Here, your first results may not be satisfactory but it’s through resilient and hard work that you will be able to achieve the dream of being an artist. In addition, there are schools dealing with fine art which one can join. However, you also must have passion in this task.
This is a career like any other thus the need to charge people for your services. However, you must be reasonable since there are many clients out there who may be on a budget. It’s good to compare what fellow experts are doing so that you can be on the same range with them.

Become non-affiliated

People are different in so many ways. This could be from skin color, religion, gender, body size and even education level. When clients visit your parlor, they are mostly interested in samples. It’s of importance to ensure that your displays do not trigger some sense of personal opinion towards certain grouping. This will guarantee you clients from all walks of life.


Knowing how to draw people is a talent and skill that can be exploited if you relate well with other people. People looking for their portraits come from all walks of life. It’s good to be professional in the way you handle them and communicate with them. This could be both at personal level or email and phone based

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