Sunday, December 9, 2012

How Can We Reduce Rendering Time?

Rendering is very time consuming process as it requires working on each frame extensively. The maximum amount of time that rendering could utilize is evident from the facts like; time required for the rendering of Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa (movie) is 30 million hours and render time for Monsters vs. Aliens is 40 million hours. In such circumstance, importance of Render Farm further increases, as it is the one which can speed up the process of rendering.  More is the complexity embedded in the frame; more is the time required to render it.
Lucas film’s division Industrial Light and Magic division (ILM) set up a Render Farm with the processing speed of 5,700 processor core for the production of Transformer 2. According, to sources rendering of the character Devastator in Transformer 2 used to consume up to 72 hours for a single frame. In such situations rendering by high speed processors is indeed a blessing. Pixar’s Renderman Pro Server is the up to date rendering software that is commercially available for the designers to render their projects with great efficiency and quality. Pixar has used the same software in the movies produced by them like Toy Story, Cars, Avenger and list is endless. 
It is not important to make a huge set up of Render Farm at your work place, you can simply wired up 8 to 9 processors in order to increase the rendering speed. In addition to this an external machine can be used or connected to the system to improve the rendering speed which is called the render node. This extension can also be used for the visualization of architecture and in digital audio workstations as well. Even the huge studio setups can also make the use of such nodes in order to overcome the cooling and power issues.  
Rendering process can also be completed swiftly by taking the services of any rendering farm according to the requirements of your project. Many big guns like Ranch Computing, Render Solve, and EGM Render Farm are working with great prestige in the graphics world. You can simply compare among the different rendering farms working online and choose the one which is most suitable to your needs. Now sign up and use high speed processors and other useful features of that Render Farm to complete your project in the minimum amount of time.   
In this fast and dynamic world, where each passing second or even nanosecond has extreme worth, we need to work at the higher pace. In this way we would be able to standout in the hypercompetitive environment. If we will keep rendering our project at the slow speed someone else will plunge into the competition stream and will run away with our economic pie’s share. Although innovative and creative skills are very important for the production of outclass graphics but vigilance with which it will be rendered to transform it into final product is of utmost importance. So, we can simply reduce this time by either making our own rendering farm or by taking the services of already established farms. By doing the above mentioned things we can easily reduce the time from million of hours to thousand or even to hundreds of hours. 

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